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Pre/Post Operative Consultation


Pre & Post Operative Consultation

The Limb Center (TLC) always provided free consultations.  One of the practices that make us stand out above the rest is that we do home visits to accommodate our patients during this challenging adjustment period of their life.  So don’t hesitate to ask us if you would prefer one of our practitioners to come to your home at any time during the process.

During the Consultation we will take this time to learn about you and understand your goals and lifestyle objectives.  We will uncover your functional goals, desired lifestyle, and your relevant clinical history. We will take this information and together come up with an appropriate prosthetic system and plan to help you achieve your goals.

Part of our evaluation process is identifying a member of our peer mentoring team to pair you up with.  We understand that transitioning into life as an amputee is more than physical.  There will be many questions and unknowns that only another amputee who has walked in your shoes can provide adequate understanding and support.

This consultation process also gives you a chance to interview us.  We encourage you to ask as many questions as possible.  Part of our mission is to help you become as informed as possible about your options and what’s available to you as an amputee.  There are many practitioners in the valley and because of that you have the right to choose your care.  Whomever you choose to provide that care its important to ask the right questions to ensure you pick the right practitioner for this lifelong partnership.

Click “Here” to get a prosthetic company interview guide.