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Lower Limb/Extremity


Lower Limb/Extremity

Patients with lower extremity limb loss face unique challenges.  The fit of the socket is the key to a patient’s success.  The Limb Center is focused on providing our patients unique and various options regarding socket styles and designs.  There are many options available with new emerging technologies being realeased and explored.  Up until recently socket design has been stagnant with all the attention being put on the componentry such as feet and microprocessor knees.  While these are  important we realize that without a comfortable  and anatomically contoured socket nothing else below that matters.  The clinicians at TLC take socket design seriously and have years of experience working on above knee and other lower extremity designs.

In addition, our team does extensive research to learn about new and emerging technologies and processes in order to stay current and provide our patients the latest equipment to help aid in your journey to living a fulfilled life as an amputee.

TLC clinicians have extensive experience working on unique cases including hip-disarticulation and bi-lateral amputees. Socket design is not a one size fits all process so what works for one patient most likely wont work for another. The TLC approach is a patient focused approach.  Which to us means a cooperative process that requires listening to the needs of amputees and taking the time to try new and different techniques until we find the right solution for you.