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What we do


Upper Limb/Extremity

We focus on the unique needs of upper extremity patients and bring the latest technologies and clinical techniques. We believe that people without an upper extremity are missing a sophisticated tool that aids in daily living and activities.


Lower Limb/Extremity

Patients with lower extremity limb loss face unique challenges. The fit of the socket is the key to a patient’s success. The Limb Center is focused on providing our patients unique and various options regarding socket styles and designs.



Children require a specialized and skilled approach to their care due to their rapid growth and limited communication skills. Patients between birth and 18 years will require new sockets very often.


Pre & Post Operative Consultation

The Limb Center (TLC) always provided free consultations. One of the practices that make us stand out above the rest is that we do home visits to accommodate our patients during this challenging adjustment period of their life.


Sports and Specialty Prosthesis

While your primary or every day prosthetic will move you through every day life you may need additional prosthetic components if your goals involve running, or participating in any outdoor or water sports.


Cosmetic covers and skins

Many of our patients like to have cosmetic options to enhance their prosthetic leg to give it a more natural look. At TLC we offer a complete range of cosmetic covers and skins. We offer foam cosmesis, which is used to provide shape to the limb.