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C-Leg 4

The C-Leg 4 continues the industry-leading tradition of improving outcomes for more than 60,000 fittings worldwide. With studies citing increased stability and reduced falls*, the C-Leg 4 is weatherproof, can be controlled with the Android Cockpit app, and makes walking backward easier. Whether on sidewalk steps or dodging subway crowds, the C-Leg 4 helps transform the way you walk.


Running Prostheses

The powerful rotation hydraulics of the 3S80 sport knee joint were optimised especially for running sports, offering dampening characteristics in the swing phase tailored to master even high stride rates. For a secure stance as well as stretching and warm-up exercises, the 3S80 Sport is also equipped with a manual locking mechanism. A version of the sport knee joint with low-viscosity oil is available as well (3S80=1). It is suitable for users, who can take benefit from lower movement resistances in swing phase, such as children or highly performance-oriented sprinters.



Thanks to the unique sole plate and virtually indestructible unique glass composite material, the RUSH87™ delivers the smoothest transition from heel strike to toe-off of any prosthetic foot in the industry.  Patients will experience unparalleled comfort, range of motion and zero dead spots in every step.



The tarsal core and Achilles Strap provide multi-axial function, while the Dual J-Springs enhances forward motion, giving users ideal proportions of balance and agility. Emulating many of the anatomical features of the human foot, the Talux has been specially designed to provide fluid, natural walking motion in a variety of terrains, for users of low to moderate activity. Talux now comes with a sandal toe for ease of footwear selection.


Plié® 3

Stronger construction makes the new Plié 3 Microprocessor Controlled (MPC) Knee both submersible and more rugged than ever. Yet, it’s still the fastest MPC knee, responding 10 to 20 times more rapidly than other MPC knees. With the most responsive stumble and fall protection, users can instinctively move at their own pace in any direction…even if it’s taking small short steps or pivoting in confined spaces. And with a more streamlined, intuitive set up, the Plié 3 MPC Knee makes it even easier for prosthetists to help patients expand their freedom.


Renegade® A•T and Renegade® LP-A•T

All-Terrain Performance AMPlified Setting a new standard for versatile, durable performance, the Renegade AT (All Terrain) prosthetic foot combines proprietary EnduraCore® Technology with multi-axial function in an extremely lightweight and uniquely integrated design.  Add to this exceptional shock absorption and up to 35% greater energy return, and the result is a prosthetic foot that’s truly game-changing.